Snowflake (The Book of Nature)

by Electric Plectrum

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An experiment with spoken word. The lyrics are an excerpt from a 1863 poem called "The First Snow".


I love to watch the first soft snow,
As it slowly saileth down,
Purer and whiter than the pearls
That grace a monarch's crown;
Though winter wears a freezing look
And many a surly frown.
It lighteth like the feathery down
Upon the naked trees,
And on the pale and withered flowers
That swing in every breeze;
And they are clothhed in such bright robes
As summer never sees.
It bringeth pleasant memories -
The falling, falling snow -
Of neighing steeds, and jingling bells,
In the happy long ago,
When hopes were bright, and health was good,
And the spirits were not low.


released 04 April 2014
Music by E.P
Lyrics are an excerpt from the 1863 poem "The First Snow" published by the American Tract Society - publicly available here




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